It is certain that every business, in the wake of the ever-expanding blockchain realm, would get into decentralization. We, at Debut Infotech, focus on making every single transaction decentralized and ensuring a seamless experience for our end-users.

Debut Infotech is renowned for investing in cutting-edge futuristic technologies like Blockchain & Bitcoin cryptocurrency. We’re the pioneers of technology innovation and value creation who strive hard to learn these technologies quickly and proficiently to best serve our clientele. Our unparalleled in-house capability and expertise empowers us to extract the full potential of this revolutionary new technology.

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Our Blockchain Development Services

Being an early adopter of blockchain technology, we offer a wide spectrum of blockchain development services that cater to diverse business verticals.

Our Expertise

Consulting and Advisory

With expertise spanning across verticals, and equipped with the required DLT skill sets, our Consulting team is well suited to work with clients throughout their DLT Journey. Our exploratory workshops are aimed at introducing this technology to our clients, and we work with them to identify use cases specific to their business needs. We are strategically positioned to partner with our clients to devise their overall DLT Strategy, which comprises adoption, execution, and finally, implementation.

Innovation Lab

Debut Innovation Lab facilitates collaboration with clients, to identify and pilot different use cases. Our Rapid Prototyping approach shortens the time to work through the use case, and helps us achieve meaningful results faster. At the end of this reiterative cycle, we deliver a detailed report with our findings, which facilitates strategic decision-making with regards to DLT implementation.

DLT Implementation and Integration

We have recently partnered with leading players in the DLT space to provide specific solutions to our clients. Positioned to act as system integrators, we offer the clients our capabilities to scale, and leverage our existing business associations for these solutions. Our alliances are focused in areas of Payments and Enterprise Integration, speculated to be segments that are most likely to see DLT implementation first.

Use Cases

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Medical Records
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Supply chain
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Decentralized p2p networks offer the opportunity for institutions to record tests scores, diplomas and degree information on a distributed database, alleviating the numerous associated expenses.
Student data can be accumulated and stored on a single decentralized ledger even when it is gathered by different providers. The opportunities for companies and startups to developing blockchain based solutions for the educational sector is enormous. Early adopters and first movers stand to benefit.

Data loss and data leakage is increasing in frequency as hackers are becoming increasingly aware of the weaknesses of centralized medical information storage.
Beyond data loss and leakage, medical records are also difficult to transfer between institutions. Decentralized storage with access restriction allows for timely patient data delivery to a doctor in emergency situations.

Supply chains are typically characterized as siloed systems, with each having their own method for tracking the movement, ownership and invoicing.
These systems could benefit from joining a distributed network for communicating the tracking any state changes. Connected systems could synchronize with an immutable ledger where network participants can all agree on a state of play and no longer need to rely on disparate information coming from varied sources.

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Distributed ledger technologies are a potential solution to automate public administrative tasks. Incorporation of data from insurance and pension providers, each sharing their information to a public ledger, will allow anyone with the right credentials to verify the information kept in the ledger. Each of the pension and insurance providers can house a network node, which ensures against the data being held at a single location.

Blockchain technology can effectively help banks & other business to improve their Know Your Customer process by Facilitating near real-time data exchange . A blockchain-based registry could remove the duplication of effort in carrying out KYC checks. The ledger could also enable encrypted updates to client details to be distributed to all banks or related business in near real-time. The KYC ledger could also provide a historical record of all documents shared and compliance activities undertaken for each client . Introducing Blockchain technology in KYC sector will help reduced operational costs for banks & other business through not having to KYC-check every customer and Increased transparency for regulators

One of the challenges faced in HR is determining the validity of the data they collect on the workforce.
There are massive industry-wide costs of replicating the validation process each time employees move to new employment. The amount of data retained on employees across companies is ever increasing and securing such personal data is becoming burdensome. If employee information could be validated once, and the information was simply accessed of a public and immutable ledger, the cost savings would be substantial industry-wide.

Need a Blockchain Partner?

We, at Debut Infotech have disrupted the field of blockchain development by creating, deploying custom decentralized blockchain application and infrastructure support to propel your business to new heights. Here, you will find the perfect blockchain technology solution for diverse industries to enable a fast, secure and transparent credibility for your business.

State of the Art Technology

Technology stack

Docker Hub Repositories, Hperledger Fabric,
Go Programming Language, Node.js Runtime and NPM
Shell Programming, YAML and JSON , Virtual Machine and Network, Gossip Protocol, Public Key Infrastructure



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