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Blockchain Technology And Business Operations

Build a digitized, decentralized, reliable ledger of transactions and the owners of these transferable digital assets. The technology works on building a secure record of all transactions, this record is stored and shared among all the participants making it almost impossible to hack the system.

Distributed Ledger Technology

Distributed ledger technology enables a ledger based database of transactions which is shared among multiple participants across various locations. No centralized control means every participant owns the ledger, which gets updated continuously and automatically whenever any transaction is made.

How Blockchain Works?

A peer-to-peer network records all the data and transactions, which means anyone on the network can see the history of these digital assets, and verify transactions using a consensus algorithm. Only verified transactions on ledgers are stored in the form of chain, which cannot be altered by an individual participant.

Smart Contracts In Blockchain

Smart contracts are the computer protocol used to digitally generate, facilitate and verify the performance of a contract. With smart contracts, payments get automatically accepted, once all the conditions are met.

Our Blockchain Technology Offerings

  • Hyperledger

    Use open source collaborations to create a cross-industry blockchain technology and establish trust, accountability, and transparency.

  • System Architecture

    Blockchain architecture that creates a mesh network of linked participants for easy data sharing.

  • Ethereum Based Applications

    Build a open-source, blockchain-based decentralized platform that runs applications without any downtime, censorship or fraud.

  • Go Language

    Use go language for a simple and fast programming process, and develop your blockchain technology with ease.

  • Chain Code Development

    Write codes in supported languages like Java or Go, for smoothly running and validating network transactions.

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