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With the DLT bubble popping at its finest, a new era has begun – the era of decentralization. Big companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Walmart, Mitsubishi, Mercedes, KFC, Burger King, and HSBC continue to snuggle up to decentralization and bet big on Blockchain’s bandwagon. You don’t want to be left behind in the race to embrace Blockchain technology, do you?

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Our Blockchain Cases

Asset Management

Managing and tracking assets is no longer a difficult feat, thanks to our Digital Asset Management Software, which is also available on the App Store & Google Play Store. Debut Infotech has developed a Proof of Concept (PoC) that is bound to revolutionize the traditional Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) industry. It is a minor step towards the implausible dream of monitoring the entire life cycle of an asset, right from on-boarding to disposal, while eliminating all possible chances of error.

The PoC we’ve put together is a blockchain-based solution which will nullify the hassles of managing tedious paperwork and records. Although the solution is independent of any central authority, it is controlled by a team of professional auditors to maintain the integrity of the blockchain. Once you make the Blockchain Technology a part of your business operations, there's no going back. Improve your processes by manifolds using the technology .

Our tailor made Blockchain-based solution that helps enterprises to ease complexities of Asset Management and reduce cost by eliminating manual processes. Asset chain has been designed keeping in mind challenges faced by organizations, especially for Hospitality , Transportation, construction & Automotive industry. With a strong team of Developers and consultants, we are looking to help organization to optimize production, eliminate redundancies and use resources more efficiently.

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Identity Management

Your customer identity data is one of the most valuable assets of your organization. Having said that, it’s also the primary target of most cyberattacks, accounting for over 58 percent of all data breach incidents.Elevate the level of productivity with our robust and uniquely-designed identity management solution, which adheres to KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-money Laundering) guidelines prescribed by the RBI to ensure that no threat can be caused to your customers or their monetary assets.

Regardless of where your patrons are or what device they are using, our exclusive solution will help encrypt your customer data in every state, ensuring that it’s protected from all security loopholes and hacking threats. Besides that, it will also empower you to securely authenticate, manage, and secure all your sensitive business data while reducing complexity and keeping users productive.

Blockchain Integration with Legacy Systems

In the present scenario, businesses are striving to understand whether it is viable to integrate a blockchain-based solution with a legacy system. We have an amazing team of experts and consultants who provide valuable insights into how blockchain can be implemented within your organization with minimal disruption. We’ll understand your business model, identify the loopholes & areas of improvement in the present processes, and through a mutual understanding, we’ll elucidate whether implementing this tech would actually be beneficial to your business or not; and if it will, to what extent.

In addition to that, we’ll suggest the use cases that will be most relevant to your organization. Then, we’ll help you decide which of your corporate fundamentals need to be alienated from your competitors or other market forces, thus reducing the chances of data leaks, breaches, and identity theft. We have a blockchain-based solution in place to help you identify the corporate processes and analytics data which you should move to blockchain first, along with an appropriate justification.

In order to test integration of your system with blockchain with our tool, please register. If you want to integrate blockchain technology into your business strategy, then leave that to the pros at Debut Infotech. We are a full-service blockchain development company that uses blockchain to manage all our inventories, assets, and in-house processes.

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