BestTyme is a leading on-demand solution that connects
Clinicians and Medical Sales Reps and helps save time
usually wasted in scheduling a meeting.

About Besttyme

Besttyme is a unique offering that aims to streamline the current way medical sales reps & clinicians meetings are done. Clinicians, on the platform can set their availability and would get rep meeting schedules only when they want. Medical sales reps, on the other hand, can optimize their schedule as per the zip code they are targeting. The platform then enables sales reps to book appointments for the specified time, with just one click!

Problems and Challenges

Besttyme approached Debut Infotech with the requirement of developing a one-stop solution to connect Medical Sales Reps and Clinicians. Conventionally, medical representatives had to travel to the clinic and then wait for the clinician to get free from patients. The clinician on the other hand, had to take unexpected time-offs which created a disoriented requirement model. In fact, on average, administrative staff spend over 10 hrs per week to coordinate visits and lunches, costing $11 per hour, or $5,720 annually!
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The Solution

Debut Infotech created a strategy to streamline the current sector by creating a solution that connected both clinicians and medical sales reps seamlessly. Not only they could schedule a meeting as per their availability - if two sales reps from the same team were planning to visit the same clinic - an update would be sent to both of them.

Project Milestones:

  • Client received $500,000 seed funding for the project
  • Besttyme was recognized among the top 10 startups in Chicago


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